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    • 21 Oct 2021
    • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom Webinar

    Long Island ACFE #43 presents Utilizing Biometrics in Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigations &The Use of Integrity Monitors on Public Projects

    October 21, 2021: 2:00-4:00

    Delivery: Webinar Based

    CPE Credits: 2 Credits of Specialized Knowledge

    Speakers: Simon Marchand- Nuance’s chief fraud prevention officer for security and biometrics. Julie O'Brien CIGI, CFE, Sr. Project Manager, Office of Inspector General

    Utilizing Biometrics in Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigations

    From data breaches to identity theft, the challenges and pace of change facing fraud teams has never been greater. This comes while legitimate customers expect engagement channels with as little friction as possible.

     Biometrics is one of the most powerful ways that organizations are meeting these dual priorities. Simon Marchand, CFE, Adm.A., will give an introduction to biometrics technologies, share the latest advances in the field. He’ll also detail how organizations include banks and telecommunications companies are using biometrics to combat account takeover, subscription fraud, and how this state-of-the art technology can be used for fraud prevention, detection as well as in fraud investigations.

    Speaker: Simon Marchand is Nuance’s chief fraud prevention officer for security and biometrics.

     Certified Fraud Examiner, Simon has extensive expertise in fraud prevention, detection and management - as well as in authentication and identity - in both the banking and telecom industries, with more than 10 years of experience in the field. Prior to Nuance, Simon held key fraud prevention positions at Montreal-based Laurentian Bank, at Bell Canada, and at Québec’s Order of Chartered Administrators, where he managed its professional inspection program.  As chief fraud prevention officer, he works closely with Nuance clients to design biometric-based fraud prevention and authentication strategies that disrupt criminals while reducing effort and friction for legitimate customers. He regularly shares his expertise in various conferences and with associations around the world and he speaks on the risks fraud and the ethical use of biometrics in the media.

    The Use of Integrity Monitors on Public Projects

    The presentation will explain what an Integrity Monitor is, how they came about, what they do, how they do it and ways to measure their success in the prevention, identification and investigation of fraud, waste and abuse on public construction projects.

    Learning Objectives include:

    • An understanding of what an Integrity Monitor is, why they are used, and what an "IM" team consists of- including a breakdown of the various disciplines, types of specialists and their common qualifications/backgrounds
    • Examples of types of reviews conducted by Integrity Monitors and common findings
    • Examples of criminal cases initiated by Integrity Monitors and cases in which Integrity Monitors have assisted (on cases initiated by an Office of Inspector General) and advantages of using Integrity Monitors in investigations.
    • Ways to measure their success
    • Why Integrity Monitors are an asset
    Speaker: Julie O'Brien CIGI, CFE, Sr. Project Manager, Office of Inspector General

    Julie O’Brien joined the Port Authority of NY/NJ Office of Inspector General in 2012, where she is a Senior Project Manager responsible for overseeing integrity monitors and assisting in the prevention, detection, investigation and elimination of fraud, corruption and waste on Port Authority’s capital projects. She has covered several major projects including the World Trade Center Redevelopment, Moynihan Station, and LaGuardia Airport Central Terminal Building Redevelopment. Julie is a Certified Inspector General Investigator, a Certified Fraud Examiner and a licensed Private Investigator, State of New York.

    • 4 Nov 2021
    • 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • Zoom

    Long Island ACFE #43 presents Annual Cybersecurity Presentation- 3 Credit CPE Session

    November 4, 2021: 2:00-5:00

    Delivery: Webinar Based

    CPE Credits: 3 Credits of Specialized Knowledge

    Topic 1: 2021 - Data Breach Recap - Review of the Worst Data Breaches and Root Causes Behind Them!

    Speaker: Nicholas Barone

    Nicholas Barone is a recognized computer forensics expert. Nicholas has managed hundreds of Incident Response, Computer Forensic, PHI, PII and PCI related investigations in the US and globally. Nicholas’s work has been reported in the national media, periodicals and respected Internet Blogs such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and Krebs On Security while in law enforcement and private industry roles. Nicholas uses his hacking expertise and legacy systems knowledge to perform data breach, discovery, investigation, and/or IT Vulnerability Risk and Compromise assessments. He has also worked with a number of America’s Fortune 500 companies across a range of industries in the related fields of Risk Identification and Remediation, IT Audit and Penetration Testing assignments.

    Topic 2: Compliance, Importance of Risk Assessments, and Implementation of Cyber Controls to Deter Cyber criminals/Internal Criminals Prior to a Fraud Occurring!

    Speaker: Brian Busto, CEO Stetson Cybergroup

    Brian’s knowledge, skills, and over 30 years in the industry define him as a cybersecurity expert. Brian’s certifications include (CISSP) Certified Information Systems Security Professional, (NCSP) NIST Cybersecurity Practitioner, (CEH) Certified Ethical Hacker, (ECSA) Certified Security Analyst, (CHFI) Certified Forensic Investigator, and a BS in Cybersecurity from Purdue University.

    Brian has performed and overseen numerous risk assessments, gap analysis, penetration tests, policy development, and forensic examinations for Stetson Cybergroup since 2017. Brian’s experience in cybersecurity dates back to 2010, when he became a forensic investigator through InfoSec. Brian has been in the technology sector as the owner of and MSP BMB Solutions since 1997.

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